Jerry's Coleman
Information on Coleman lanterns from before 1950, including the L316 Arc Lantern, the AL319, and the E20 Poultry House lantern, can be found by clicking the above banner!

Information on Coleman lanterns 1950 and later, including a massive amount of 200As, are within a click of this banner!

Lanterns from companies other than Coleman, such as the Thomas Kerosafe, the NuLite Giant, and a little guy the Japanese Government really wants back can be found through clicking this banner!

By clicking on the above image, you can find lamps from companies not named Coleman, such as Akron, AGM, and those NuLite lamps with the little conic burners.

Coleman lamps, from Everbright to Deluxe to big pot lamps - and they're all linked from this banner.

Lampshades of all shapes, sizes, designs, and companies can be found through the above banner.

Pat's Iron collection is archived through the above banner. Herb Ebendorf even stopped by!

Looking for stoves, paintings, or other interesting trinkets? Miscellaneous Coleman items (for the most part) can be found here!

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